Other Testimonials 

"I've played Otherworlds one time and let me tell you as a hardcore D&D nerd... Otherworlds took the cake and ran with it faster than the flash! I had so much fun! The system Otherworlds uses is so innovative but at the same time so easy to learn that the most hardcore and the noobiest of players can come in and have a great time!! If I could give it a 10/5 I would because this is the best table top game I have ever played hands down!" -John Christian Boozan

"If you're into RPGs then you should give this one a try. An easy to understand system that is quite polished, but also has mechanics that lead to unexpected and fun situations. Lots of fun character design options as well. The guy who made this has poured his heart and soul into this project and it shows." -Anthony "Shredder" Maggard

"I was never creative. Otherworlds made me creative." Tyler Burdette

"For the first time ever, I'm fully satisfied with my character." -Tim Spearman

"The unique storylines and limitless playstyles helps show that Otherworlds is never done being explored." -Andrew Rushton 

"Otherworlds brings a fresh experience to the tabletop genre. I truly feel like I can do anything that I want, and it's so easy for newcomers to puck up and play. Within minutes of my first session, I was fully immersed without having to stop and ask, "how do you do this" or "when can I do that." I'd recommend Otherworlds to first time tabletop players and veterans alike." - Trey Falco

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