Best Moments With: Aaron Newton

Well everyone, here's our third Best Moments this month! I bring you a steadfast ally, a great guy, and also my wonderful friend Aaron!

You might notice a trend that everyone featured is my friend, but it's also important to note, that many of these friends were made from a shared love of Otherworlds. Aaron is one of these friends. Two years and three days ago, Aaron played his first game of Otherworlds. It was so memorable, because he quickly escalated at being one of my favorite players that I've ever had the pleasure for running a game for.

Since then, he's helped me run several gaming events and has been a strong supporter and believer in Otherworlds.

Here's his Best Moments...

Aaron Newton - Otherworlds Tabletop RPG Roleplaying Fantasy

Name: Aaron Newton

Introduce Yourself: I am your brother in arms and games! Average joe landscaper with hardcore vikingness.
Favorite Race: Humans hands down my favorite

Favorite Class: Melee based between Berserker and Warrior. (WARZERKER)
Best Moment: My best moment has to be the time Bjorn conquered part of Arcwyn within like 5 minutes just by being Bjorn. It was truly epic, also when he killed the Kraken almost single handily, and took 0 damage from it!

Why Otherworlds Is Your Favorite RPG: Otherworlds is important and my hands down favorite game, not just RPG, but favorite game. Because it not only take players to new unbelievable and amazing places but also offers up amazing stories and narratives for us we get a chance to build bonds and friendships, not just in the game but at the table playing. It's not just a game but an amazing social experiment that takes people from all walks of life and puts them together talking and laughing and creating bonds. You have become not just my friend, but a bother to me from what you've created and it's an honor to be apart of this grand adventure my brother.

Vincent Baker

Hello! The name is Vincent Baker and I'm a game designer. I love video games, but my heart is in tabletop games .I've created Otherworlds and Spellslingers.

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