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Anthos: Once a war-torn world, in the last 86 years Anthos has taken itself towards civility and progress. The realization of life elsewhere in the cosmos ended the dreadful Thousand Years War. Anthos is now seeking partnership with the dyahrin people of Krystos. With both of their efforts combined, Anthos hopes to make the universe more prosperous for all that seek a better life.

Race(s): Humans, Several small groups of immigrants from other worlds Terrain: Mostly cities, with wildlands on the outskirts Technology Level: 4.5 (Advanced)

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Arcwyn: The home of tinkerers, inventors, and scientists. Arcwyn is at the peak of revolutionary science.

Upon discovery of the planet a few decades ago, pilgrims were astonished that Arcwyn had a lost civilization already present there. There were cities suspended in the sky with no one to be seen, along with an artificial sun, keeping the world’s life sustained. Arcwynite scientists began developing various monorail systems to aid traveling between the cities. 

Arcwyn relies heavily on the steam power that was present upon discovery as well as the electricity they are able to harvest during their frequent thunder storms. 

Each suspended mass is designated as being one of twelve districts that specialize in manufacturing and managing specific resources. 

Race(s): Humans, Djinn, Dwarves, Tol (spirits that live in machines), Quicklings Terrain: Cities, Dungeons Technology Level: 4.5 (Advanced)

Otherworlds RPG - Brutana

Brutana: A battle-scarred landscape where only the strong survive. The world is primarily divided into four regions, each dominated by vanticar, a race born of dragon ancestry. 

Race(s): Argoth (humans), Efreet, Terrovores, Vanticar Terrain: Arctic, Dungeons, Highlands, Wildlands Technology Level: 3 (Moderate)

Otherworlds RPG - Falden

Falden: No one comes here willingly, and that's because Falden is more prison than planet.  People that wind up here either made a grave mistake or are one. Krystos is in charge of Falden and uses it as a containment center for people that are deemed unfit for ever leaving. They have several enforcement officers and bots stationed to keep what peace there is. 

Just about everyone living here is a criminal, and those that aren't were (quite unfortunately) born here. 

Races: Faldenites (humans) Terrain: Wastes Technology: 3.5 (Moderately Advanced)

Otherworlds RPG - Doragan

Doragan: Home of vast deserts and small towns. The technology of Doragan allows them to acquire the moisture from the air and turn it into steam power. Farmers grow a large range of agriculture, but focus on cacti farms, which can be used for water or power. Doragan also has a surplus of iron and coal, and thusly a spaghetti network of locomotives for both cargo and public transportation.

Race(s): Bessk, Dandrik, Naga, Rhinoxi, Skazeek Terrain: Desert Technology Level: 2.5 (Low)

Otherworlds RPG - Foragna

Foragna: A vastly tropical and nature-based planet. Foragna is covered in rainforests, thick brush, murky swamps, and mountainous hillsides. 

Such beauty, however, comes at a price—this world is home to many extremely dangerous creatures, including incredibly large spiders, bears, worms, and crawlers.

Races: Felinx, Leogin, Mushrook, Ornok, Satyr Terrain: Wildlands, Marsh Technology: Low (2.5)

Otherworlds RPG Vincent Baker - Grimora Banner

Grimora: Grimora is a fascinatingly beautiful, tropical world of many oceans and valleys. The Grimoran share the planet with ravenous dinosaurs and underwater creatures the size of skyscrapers.

Races: Izzilix, Kadairen, Tamarian, Mur Terrain: Wildlands Technology: 2 (Low)

Otherworlds RPg - Krystos

Krystos: This gorgeous utopia is filled with the most advanced technology found in the universe. Krystos is run entirely by one council, comprised of the most gifted minds across the galaxy. This council observes, monitors, and enforces its laws accordingly to keep each planet in a balanced state.

To keep the cities regulated, the council has put in place various guilds in different sectors, which oversee fields relative to what the individuals of the guild are best suited for.

At the age of sixteen, a Krystonian is expected to take an evaluation test. This test guages many factors, one of the key ones being their aptitude for different working enviroments. What results they get dictate the career path they will likely work in. The Council at that point does its best to regulate accordingly.

Races: Dyahri, Forgotten, Monokei, Nyallie Terrain: Arctic, Cities Technology: 5 (Super Advanced)

Otherworlds RPG - Transel

Transel: A nightmare that only the blood-crazed would find delightful. Transel is the homeworld of the varothan vampires, lykan, and other bloodthirsty creatures. It is predominately known for its two bright moons that occupy the sky throughout the endless night. 

Transel’s biggest export is their mercenaries, namely, assassins. No assassin can outmatch a varothan, as none are as quiet or lethal.

Races: Anointed humans, Destoka, Groaza, Varothan (vampires), Werefolk, Witchkin Terrain: Cities, Dungeons, Highlands, Wildlands Technology: 3 (Moderate)

Otherworlds RPG - Yamanoko

Yamanoko: The world of the pink sun, Yamanoko is a place of true beauty. Many Yamanokin citizens are highly spiritual and have a deep reverence for the spirit plane of existence. The world is divided into four primary cultures: The land of Earth, the land of Fire, the land of Water, and the land of Wind. Each land is powered by its element and has a guardian dragon watching over them. In addition to this, each land has one attribute they are known for. These are generosity, passion, order, and freedom. 

Races: Dwarves, Elves, Kitsune, Orcs, Tengu, Yono (humans) Terrain: Cities, Dungeons, Highlands, Wildlands Technology: 3 (Morderate)

Otherworlds RPG - Zepitan

Zepitan: The home to strange lands and even stranger creatures. The metal here is alive and tends to grow and adhere to the wildlife of the planet. Many inhabitants must use their survival prowess to stay on top of the food chain.

Races: Multanii, Raktii, Viatuu (bessk) Terrain: Arctic, Desert, Highlands, Wildlands Technology: 2.5 (Low)

Otherworlds RPG - Xilos

Xilos: Located on the outskirts of the Veralys system, Xilos houses large amounts of mysterious dark astral energy. This rare energy is capable of doing many powerful things, but has shown that high amounts of exposure can lead to death, or even worse, transfiguration. Xilos has a host of native creatures only found on their planet, including the Nartkessh—seven-tentacled beasts with razor sharp, circular mouths and no eyes that lie in the bottoms of swamps. And that's just the beginning of the horrors found here.

Races: ??? Terrain: Wastes Technology: ???

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