The gaming market is flooded with many tabletop RPG's, but Otherworlds was born from a need and not a desire. There is not a future fantasy RPG that offers this level of depth, strategy, narrative, and is this streamlined to play. Not convinced? Read what makes Otherworlds the go-to RPG for any adventurer.

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Create your own Way

Classes offer a “mix and match” approach allowing you to combine several “skill branches” to form your own “skill tree”. This alone opens up to 3276 combinations of how you can set up your character! This doesn’t include 9 races, dozens of sub-races, backgrounds, traits, and so much more to truly make your character unique.

Dive Deep

Otherworlds has its own enriched universe that allows you to play anything from vampires, spirits, desert roaming nomads with spiky skin, and more! Your class is customizable, allowing you to be anything from a reaper with dual shotguns, a gunslinger with magical capabilities, or a hacker with a sly tongue, jet pack, and a fancy for explosives!

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Fantasy, magic and wonder abound. Alien technology has now awakened, adding a small sci fi twist to this fantasy narrative, that makes all your possibilities limitless!

Multiple worlds, genres, and opportunities! As the game master, you will have all of the options at your disposal, and as a player, you will never be finished exploring.

Dynamic Combat - Otherworlds Tabletop RPG

Dynamic Combat

Combat Maneuvers allow you to perform special feats in the heat of battle that add to both the narrative and the strategy of the game! When attacked, you are able to evade it and even counter attack! Keeping combat, flowing quickly in a thematic and meaningful way.

Evolved Encounters - Otherworlds Tabletop RPG

Evolved Encounters

Enemy variants are easy to create on a whim, that changes the way the battle plays out. Every enemy and strategy, has strengths and weaknesses. Players will feel compelled to work together and to spend their time when it's not their turn, thinking of their best strategies.

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