Otherworlds Factions are a new and exciting way to participate in Otherworlds! 

By joining a faction, the sanctioned events you participate in at local game stores and conventions will earn you points to the faction that you join. As you earn points for your faction, you'll start to see your influence rise your faction to the top.

Be ever vigilant however, as people from all over the world will also be able to fight for their factions, keeping the ongoing struggle between factions ever present.

The factions with the most influence will begin to shape the very story of Otherworlds, make your voice heard adventurer! 

Here's the current factions in Otherworlds:

The Iron Guard: Militaristic peacekeepers, the Iron Guard seek to establish order through peace, or by war if the first option doesn't work. The Iron Guard focus on teamwork, and believe in the greater good.

The Mercenaries Guild: While not a faction ran by a leader, the Mercenaries Guild factors groups of bandits, and lonewolves alike. Members of this faction tend to be okay being on any side of a conflict, as long as their getting paid well enough for it.

The Murder: A fast-growing faction; the Murder has come from out of the shadows, giving a voice to the voiceless. The Murder seeks to free the world of any oppression at any cost.

The Zodicar Knights: Believing in the ancient teachings, the Zodicar Knights have strong faith and are devoted to maintaining a balance in the universe. 

The Vindicators: A newly formed team of misfits. The Vindicators managed to destroy the space demon, Neferox before he was able to devour another planet.

Faction Scoreboard

Otherworlds tabletop RPG score board faction

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