The gaming market is flooded with many tabletop RPG's, but Otherworlds was born from a need and not a desire to create yet another fantasy world. Not convinced? Read what makes Otherworlds the go-to RPG:

  • No Two Are The Same: Imagine and play the character you want to play as. Acquire new abilities in an open way, where your character's progression isn't chosen by a chart. Instead, character creation is done by selecting various skill branches to form your own skill tree. These skill trees grant access to multiple abilities that you can acquire in the order of your choosing, allowing you to only pick the ones that fit your character and ignore the ones you don't want. With almost four years of playtesting across hundreds of characters, no two have been the same. 
  • Dynamic Combat: Attacking and defending, utilizes opposed rolls, so you always feel more involved in the action! Combat Maneuvers are special feats you can perform to keep the combat experience fresh and ever-changing to prevent the combat from growing stale! Going toe to toe with the orc? Not for too long before one of you lands a crucial bleeding strike, or disarming attack with a successful roll!
  • Quick-Combat: The pacing of combat is accelerated by cutting down on "floating modifiers," to keep everything you need to remember right in front of you.  All actions in the game only use a few six-sided dice, meaning you wont have to wait for Timmy to find all of his special dice for his spells and can focus on the narrative. Health doesn't scale by level, leaving every encounter a challenge and not battle of meaty block stats.
  • Evolved Encounters: By utilizing Otherworlds' easy challenge rating system, you acquire points equal to the sum of the player's character levels. These points are then spent on the encounters they face, meaning you can create quick encounters without worrying how balanced it is.
  • Enemy Variants: Mix and match various enemy variant types to elevate the narrative and combat to a whole new level. A horde of goblins may now have a mutated goblin, ravenous goblin, and a goblin that's on fire. These variants alter their stats, your story, and the way the game will play out to make it truly a one of a kind experience! 
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