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Physical Description: Bessk are a slender humanoid species with course skin and despite their naturally small frame, their skin is naturally very tough. Bessk typically do not grow a lot of hair aside from the females who tend to grow some hair on their head.

Society: Besskin usually aren’t very social creatures. They often prefer being alone and doing things alone. This makes many of them to be Bounty Hunters. They do however tend to observe a lot, being very analytical creatures. 

Relations: Bessk tend to not trust others and as such, they aren’t well trusted by most others. 

Way of Life: Bessk tend to keep to themselves and their own motives. Most others don’t know a Bessk’s true intentions, since they are quite secretive. Bessk do not wish for death or in particularly enjoy the thought of it. They just openly accept it and as such, commonly believe that one is not free of the burdens of the world until they are dead and then from there on, they can experience something beyond the universe. 

Adventurers: Bessk rarely ever feel like they belong or fit in anywhere, so they often seek other places in hopes to one day finding a place to call home. 


The Dandrik use their superior noses and ears to track down any scent. They make for good hunters, but also can use their innate abilities to find lost children, escaped convicts or a good meal. Most Dandrik keep a pistol or a revolver by their side due to their tradition of gun drawing for alpha status.

Society: Dandrik tend to live in small towns with independent owned businesses. Dandrik have a passion for self-motivation and lending helping hands to others in their communities.  

Relations: Dandrik are friendly to most and just like having a good time. However, one that ever crosses a Dandrik, his friends, or his family is eager to be a dead man.

Way of Life: Dandrik tend to not overthink things, they prefer things to be as easy as possible and for matters to not be complicated. They do what they want, as they want and try not to offend anyone in the process, but if they do, it’s not their fault.

Adventurers: The Dandrik’s homeworld, Doragan, can be exciting due to the lost treasures buried among its sands.  Dandrik long for the life of adventure and most are thrilled to see more than just sand, though they do quite enjoy and take pride in where they are from.


The Dyahri are a race of intellect and beauty. Their society is one of the most advanced and they believe emotion to be a flaw and a hindrance in the progressively advancing worlds.

They are responsible for the development of Guards, Teleportation, Space Travel, Elemental Weaponry and many other advances among the worlds.

Society: Dyahri are governed and ruled by a council of the smartest humanoids in the galaxy. Unsurprisingly this makes most of the council Dyahri. They often let logic, as opposed to emotion, dictate their actions.

Way of Life: Most Dyahri view themselves as arbiters of right and wrong. This is most likely due to their superior knowledge as well as their many strides in technological and scientific advancements. Their decisions are often based for the greater good and do not mind making decisions others might find as harsh, if it offers stability to the universe.

Adventurers: Most Dyahri prefer putting their minds to the test and bettering themselves with mental challenges. This challenges their will to explore or battle but they will do so, if it’s to serve their motives or directive.


Felinx are nimble and often used as scouts in military affairs. Their small frame makes them fast and hard to catch in combat. When they are at home, they tend to spend a lot of time with their families.

The Felinx are a peculiar race that enjoy the little things in life. They often do not care for much luxurious possessions but do enjoy little trinkets and sentimental items. They often find themselves feeling the most comfortable in a small home with a family and friends. Felinx are greatest known for their wit and their ability to run circles around most other races both mentally and physically. While they aren't as good with memory as the dyahri are, the felinx however have a more acute sense of awareness. They tend adore shiny items and trinkets and love the thrill of stealing without being noticed, given their exceptional reflexes and wit. Although, most felinx are too warm hearted and will only take from others if they are perceived as “bad.”

Adventurers: Since Felinx enjoy the company of their friends and family so much, they tend to get homesick easily and are often not eager to travel far from home without a proper cause. However, if a Felinx had many friends setting out on an adventure, it would be an exception to the rule.


Humans are creatures of a wide variety of emotion, ambition, and drive. Humans are easily the most diverse among the worlds. Humans cherish the bonds they share with others, but can just as easily be selfish to their own needs.

Society: Human society varies from place to place, but democracy and capitalism are common concepts in Human societies as well as capitalism. Humans are known for being a bit greedy and selfish, but there have equally revered for having a few standalone humans that have been noted through history to be extremely selfless and caring.

Way of Life: Humans can be just as heroic as they can be devious and as such, vary the most in terms of both their morals and motives.

Adventurers: Although some humans are timid, shy and would rather play it safe at home, they have always been known and admired for their sense of exploration and their need to keep pushing the boundaries when traveling to new locations.


The Leogin are a prideful and noble race where their greatest admiration comes from a combination of loyalty and bravery. Despite being incredibly intimidating due to their size and battlefield presence, the Leogin are fiercly loyal and will often risk their own lives to save their comrades.

The Leogin are some of most proudest and courageous of all the races. They stand tall next to their allies and are renowned for being great charismatic leaders.

Society: Leogin love to lead and typically don’t follow orders well unless they have full trust in their leader, if this is the case then a Leogin will be loyal to them and die for their cause.

Way of Life: Leogin tend to worship positive traits such as inner strength and bravery.

Adventurers: Almost any Leogin is up for a challenge and an adventure. Leogin would see an adventure as a form of a competition.




Elves or otherwise known as “raktii” in their native tounge are raised from birth to be warriors, explorers and survivalist. At a young age the raktii are forced into exile, only allowed to return with the head of a creature as a trophy. This is a journey of growth for a the raktii and is the start of their adulthood. The better the trophy, the higher their ranking in society.

Society: Raktii believe that you earn your place in the world. At a young age it’s by most raktii tradition to be cast out and only return, once you’ve brought back the skull of a worthy adversary. As the raktii evolve and adapt to their surrounds, so does nature, leaving their world, Zepitan to be the most threatening. Those that fail to return from exile, allow for the community to have more resources. 

Way of Life: Raktii tend to go through extreme lengths to follow their gut instincts and intuition. They think fast on their feet, and react quickly.

Adventurers: Since a young age, Raktii most explore and survive to sustain their life in society. They love adapting to new unexplored environments and crafting their gear to match their own personal needs for any job. No race enjoys exploring more than a raktii.


Vanticar are a brutish race that believe that in battle is where their souls truly shine. Ruthless as they are cunning, the Vanticar tend to love getting up close and personal to deal devastating damage.

The vanticar are a brutish race that takes pride in their dragon-linked heritage. It is rumored that a vanticar can live up to a few hundred years if they are from a rare bloodline of elder dragons. Most vanticar however die within the first hundred years of their lives due to their constant wars and battles. 

Relations: Most races do not trust the vanticar for their brutish ways and lack of care for others. Vanticar typically do not care what others think of them, as they believe their dragon heritage makes them superior in all aspects. Vanticar are typically not the most intelligent, but make up for this with their battle hardened experience, they are among the fiercest warriors in combat.

Way of Life: Vanticar love being in power and love doing as they wish free of rule.

Adventures: Vanticar love a good fight, as they feel like nothing is a real challenge for them. They will often seek tough monsters and warriors to defeat in battle to prove their status.


Vampires known as “varothan” tend to enjoy the finer things in life and blood is at the top of their list. Using their knowledge of shadows, deceit and life stealing fangs; they are lethal assassins of the shadows. They are very prideful in their appearance and status, and at sometimes sadistic; they love being highly regarded by others.

Relations: Varothan typically look down on other species, finding them as nothing more important than blood waiting to be siphoned or spilled. Varothan typically are cruel to their own race as well unless their social status is of the same merit.

Way of Life: Varothan may be harsh to who they deem as lower or insignificant, but they have a strong sense of “blood relation” to one another and will ultimately help their own kind and perhaps in a few instances, an acquaintance of another species. Most Varothan are lawful, while some are more “blood crazed” and become addicted to killing for blood, regardless of the rules and regulations, these Varothan are a bit more chaotic.

Adventurers: Varothan are mostly found on their home world “Transel” but may be spotted on other planets where it is dark or where there is work for hire. Most Varothan that aren’t born wealthy, travel to become Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters.



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