With 250 registered events, 1,260 hours of gameplay, just as of right now, we're looking to expand! If you want to join us to create a magical experience for others and for yourself, then this is the place to start your new adventure!

What are we looking for?

Behind the Screens

Are you creative and want to let your imagination soar? Well look no further! Not only does working on Otherworlds give you the opportunity to create, but it gives you the chance to create something that will come to life, being played by hundreds to thousands of players around the world!

  • Writer - Looking to start building a repertoire and experience of writing? Well look no further! Otherworlds has no shortage of content to develop, and stories to explore.
  • Editor - Oversees our official Vindicated Entertainment products, ensuring errors are corrected alongside sentence structure.
  • Video Specialist - Whether you want to work with us to develop trailers or to shoot at our events, this is the opportunity for you!
  • Digital Marketing - In charge of promoting content on our official Facebook, Twitter, and Website pages. 
  • World Builder - A world is massive, full of wildlife, culture, terrain, and history. Otherworlds features twelve worlds in its base game, which is a lot. We're not satisfied having, "desert planet," and "snow planet." We aim to create fully detailed worlds that can have entire campaigns centered on them. If you're interested in bringing our settings to life, then this is job for you!

In The Action!

Are you compelled to be interacting with others who enjoy tabletop games? Do you enjoy public gaming events? Then this is for you!

  • Game Master - Tasked with the job to host our tabletop roleplaying game, "Otherworlds." You'll be responsible for learning the game and crafting an enticing and fun experience for your player groups. No experience in Otherworlds is required, though some experience running a tabletop roleplaying game is preferred.
  • Community / Promotions - Those with great people skills, able to talk our game up at events. Must have great people skills. Cosplay, panel, and social media experience is preferred, but not required. 


Working with a team of creatives, has many benefits, but here's a few for you to think about...

  • Featured: You will be prominently featured on our website, social media pages, celebrated for being a part of the team!  
  • Impact: You will be able to take your ideas and work to directly influence an ever growing game and the impact that surrounds it!
  • Creative Flow - Are you a creative individual, but have been lacking the inspiration? Well, working together on a creative project is the perfect thing to jump start your creativity! People that have worked on Otherworlds have seen a huge spike in all creative endeavors they have partaken in.
  • Teamwork - Working together promotes great teamwork skills, that's invaluable in any work field. We're stronger together and when we put our efforts towards something collectively, we all reap the rewards from it.
  • Resume Building / Credit - Receive credit for the work you do. When we release big content, your name will be attached, allowing you to have great projects to show on your resume, that otherwise would take several years for any one person to do alone.
  • Resources - Gain access to any resources you need, to have a hand in creating this exciting adventure!

All of this sound good to you? Awesome!

Just fill out our form below with what job title you're interested in and your relevant experience. Important: The listings are currently for unpaid positions. Vindicated Entertainment is still in its developing phases and makes no money. Those that rise to the challenge, will work with a schedule that is flexible to their life, and will reap the benefits of building a project together that no one person can do alone. Work accountability is five hours, plus a one hour weekly team meeting. If you can do that, then you're golden! 

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