Level Up The Way You Want

Assassin    A lethal assailant, capable of killing from afar and up close and personal.    
Battle Mage    A wielder of weapons and all types of magic.   
Berserker    A brutal fighter that can destroy his enemies with a boundless rage.   
Bounty Hunter    A highly intelligent marksman. Proficient with all forms of weaponry, including traps.   
Defender    A protector proficient with mastering shields, and keeping their allies alive.    
Grifter    A con artist who uses their wit to manipulate circumstances to their benefit.   
Gunslinger    A rough survivor, with keen senses and a dead eye.   
Reaper    A chosen person, gifted with the powers of dark entities, to pass death onto others.  
Seraph    A wielder of light astral energy, capable of healing their allies and forming weapons made of light.    
Soldier    A trained fighter in firearms. Soldiers are masters with guns.   
Tank    A master of explosions and heavy equipment. Tanks can take as much as they dish out.   
Warrior    An expert in melee combat; warriors are experienced fighters.

Classes resemble your character's methods and abilities they posses. Otherworlds features twelve unique classes, each featuring a unique Tier Leveling System that allows for you to freely acquire skills in a way that breeds creative freedom.

To achieve this is difficult, in a game without classes, in which you can pick up any abilities you see fit, characters seldom become unique. Ever heard of the expression, "when everyone is special, no one is."? That's how it feels when everyone can pick the best spell, the best combat feats, etc.

However, the opposite end of the spectrum is a linear leveling experience, where you have little control of your character, as the class of your choice railroads you into being similar as other characters of your class.

In Otherworlds however, with each Tier you unlock, you will have access to a large selection of abilities that you can mix and match as you see fit. There's no need to choose if you want your assassin to be a melee or ranged archetype assassin, instead you can choose that, or choose a hybrid between the two, by moving freely within the Tier. The higher level you become the more Tiers you unlock, the more skills you choose, leaving no two characters playing the same. 

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