Building A Character

Listed below is a quick reference guide of how detailing the steps needed to created your Otherworlds character. At the bottom of this page is a button that will take you to the Character Creation Guide PDF (Beta).

1. Roll For Your Attributes

  • Roll For Your Attribute Stats: You’ll need to roll six six-sided dice and apply each result to one of the attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Toughness, Intelligence, Wisdom, Resolve). 
  • Don’t Want To Roll For Your Attributes? You may use one of the following templates instead of rolling for stats to create your character quickly:

Balanced: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Specialized: 1, 2, 2, 5, 5, 6  

2. Choose Your Race

  • Select Your Race: (Bessk, Dandrik, Dyahri, Felinx, Human, Leogin, Raktii, Ornok, Vanticar, Varothan)
  • Select Your Sub-Race: Your selected sub-race will add or subtract from the results of your rolls. You cannot have an attribute stat less than 1. 
  • Mark Your Skill Proficiencies: Each race is proficient at different things, be sure to mark these points in your “proficiencies” area on your character sheet. 
  • Mark Your Skills: Each race has three race skills you should put on your character sheet, as well as two unique race skills based on your sub-race for a total of five race skills.

3. Choose Your Class

  • Select Your Class: Your class will determine what skills you can acquire when leveling up. There are many classes available for Character Creation, however they all can be distilled to one of three archetypes: Fighter, Rogue, and Mage. 
  • Create Your Skill Tree: There are multiple Skill Branches in Otherworlds. You will need to select which three are your favorite. Those three will determine your starting health, astral, and initiative bonus based on what archetype the class is.
    Fighter: +9 Health, +4 Astral, +4 Initiative Rogue: +6 Health, +4 Astral, +6 Initiative Mage: +5 Health, +12 Astral, +2 Initiative
  • Mark Your Weapon Proficiencies: Your class will give you some options for which weapons you can be proficient with. This will grant you a unique bonus with that weapon determined in the “Weapon Proficiency” chart, as well as allow you to use Discipline with that weapon.
  • Mark Your Skill Proficiencies: Like your race, your class will also give you an opportunity to increase your proficiencies. 
  • Equipment: The class you select will determine your starting equipment. 

4. Character Backgrounds

  • Backgrounds: Choose between Vandal, Vagrant, Worker, Military, Sage, Noble, and Fortune. Your background will determine your starting currency (Gild), grant you some more proficiencies, and a new skill unique to your background.

5. Characteristic Traits

  • Traits: These describe your character’s personality. We recommend at least one postive, neutral, and negative personality trait.
  • Conviction: This is your greatest belief. 
  • Connection: This is what you feel closest to.
  • Destiny: This is your character’s motivation; it’s your purpose.

6. Equipment

  • Weapons: You can get up to two starting weapons that you are proficient with. (There’s a starting weapon for every weapon proficiency. Starting weapons have the lowest stats in the game and often have no special effects). 
  • Armor: Choose one of the following: Cloth, Light, Medium, or Heavy
  • Guards: Your Choose one of the following: Standard Guard or Battery Guard
  • Items: Your character may purchase any of the starting items listed for character creation.
  • Additional Equipment: Your class and background will have also given you some additional equipment.

Note: When creating your character you have many choices to make between what proficiencies you want. The Assassin class for example, will allow you to choose if you want to have proficiency in Sniper Rifles or Katanas. If you have a more specific idea for what you want, you may work with your World Master to acquire a proficiency with another weapon type that’s more suited to your character.

At Level 1: At your first level, your character should look like this:

Health: 15 - 27 Astral: 12 - 36 Initiative: 11 - 24 

Attribute Total: 23

Proficiencies: 12 (unless a race grants more than 3)

Skills: 6 (you will have one skill per level + your race skills)

Tier Level Bonus: During each Tier Level after the first (levels 5, 10, 15, 20), you will have the following additions to your character:       +3 Health or +5 Astral, +2 Attribute Points, 3 Skill Proficiencies 

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