Character Creation Update 1.1

Otherworlds Adventure Tabletop RPG Roleplaying Game Character Creation Update

Update 1.1

With the Character Creation PDF Beta out for a little over two weeks, I've been steadfast on updating it and taking your notes to heart alongside the notes I've gathered from play testing. There will certainly be more reworking for the weeks to come, but your feedback helps and having it accessible to the public, has really lit a fire in me to get this as refined as possible. With the character creation being so lifelike in terms of its fluidity and evolution, makes it a challenge to get perfect, but that's what makes it awesome. ;)

Without further ado, here's the updates! 

Notable Changes: Skill Branches now grant a +X Initiative Bonus to help further distinguish initiative issues, as well as make skill branch customization more in depth.

Far more skills to the Tech Skill branch. Bounty Hunter changed to Hunter. Bounty skill branch renamed to Hunt. Tools are added to all Classes that can be acquired during character creation.

  • Change Varothan's “Fang Over Fang” race skill to include that it causes the exhaustion status effects to targets damage two or more times by it in the same day, to prevent life steal loop hole.

  • Change price from 3,000GL to 1,000GL for Vial of Dragon Blood.

  • Changed armor requirement uses Toughness as opposed to Strength

  • Added “Impacting Fist” to Brawl Skill branch to increase options vs. heavy armored foes

  • Added “Roast” to Battle Magic Skill branch to increase options vs. heavy armored foes

  • Divine Blessing in Divinity Branch moved from Tier 1 to Tier 3

  • Added “Bow Duality” to allow Archers to dual equip hand crossbows without penalty.

  • Added “Disabling Shot” to Archers Tier 3. Also, made “Spectral Arrow” consume 2 AST for flavor reasons.

  • Removed “Tumble” from Tech Skill Branch since Free Runner does the same thing, but is better, and is in a Skill Branch that makes more sense.

  • “Turbo” changed to “Petal to the Metal”

  • Added Oil Spill to Tier 2 for the Tech Skill Branch, this will be a fun flavorful ability to throw oil on enemies to later ignite them.

  • Tune-Up now grants +25% Durability to vehicles instead of +50% Toughness

  • Add Shift Gears to Tier 2 of the Tech Branch, which gives a bonus to Initiative while operating a vehicle

  • Add Maintenance to Tier 1 of the Tech Branch

  • Smash & Bash added to Martial Skill Tree which grants +Edge to bludgeoning weapons (Boost)

  • Reworded many skills in the War skill branch to be used as Combat Maneuvers for ease of play. Additionally changed both Tier 5 skills to require 1 Discipline. First Strike, now is less complicated to use.

  • Added “Wall” and “Reflect” to Light skill branch

  • Added Soul Protect Cantrip and “Ritual” spell definition on Cantrip page

  • Apply Poison now takes 5 minutes of time to apply unless you are proficient with spells

  • Destoka now take no fall damage, gain +1 to range with melee weapons, and can't gain edge when attacking while using their resolve.

  • Pursue name changed to “Greater Death Mark,” and is now a level up from Death Mark.

  • Added “Path of the Sniper” and “Path of the Mage Killer” to help streamline and add narrative to the Assassination skill branch. (Be expecting me to rework skills in other branches to a similar design. I expect testing of this to go well).

  • Rummage grants +TL bonus instead of +2 bonus

  • Above the Influence name changed to Protection from Fey

That settles it for this week! Have feedback for character creation? Email me at: vincentsbaker(at) I'd love to hear from you!

Take care otherworlder,
Vincent Baker

Vincent Baker

Hello! The name is Vincent Baker and I'm a game designer. I love video games, but my heart is in tabletop games .I've created Otherworlds and Spellslingers.

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