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Hey everyone! Did you had fun with the Character Creation PDF? If you haven't checked it out yet, you can do so here.

You also probably don't need to read anything below this line if you haven't looked into it until this point:

We're one week in since the release and If you did check out the Character Creation PDF, then awesome! You will want to glance through the additions and changes below. Most of them aren't too big, but it's worth noting, for when you dive back in.

Also, I'd like to make it clear that the Character Creation PDF is in Beta and will go through a series of revisions to layout, grammar revisions, and few mechanical changes here and there. I suspect the changes will drastically subside over the next couple of months, as this spotlight has proven very beneficial to the product and strengthening it.


  • Special Ammunition, Modular Ammunition, Weapon Augments, and Scarcity sections to the back of the book where Equipment is listed.

  • Summon Weapon, Greater Summon Weapon, and Summoned Weapon Strike added to (Battle Magic)

  • “Battle Magic” description added

  • Weak Link and N-Grave added to Affliction Skill Branch Tier 3.

  • Foebreaker added to Rage Branch.: Which adds some unique flavor to the class.

  • Path of the Leader/Overlord added to Strategist Branch. 

  • Rift Walk added to Battle Magic Branch. 

  • Add: Unlife to Reaper's Curse Skill Branch (Tier 4)

  • Add: Magic Chains to Battle Magic (Tier 2)

  • < Change Cripple, Magic Missile, Spectral Fire, Demon Bolt, and Astral Lightning to not drain as much Astral


  • > Changed to getting +3 Proficiency Points opposed to 2 per level (Now all characters will have a base of 24 once they reach max level at 20. It would take a total of 75 Proficiency Points to fill them all out, so this still leaves much room to diversify characters.)

  • < Change Gun Handling Gambit, Gambler (Changed to Gamble Shot – Add apostrophe)

  • > Moved Ballistic by moving it to Martial

  • < Change Disarm to “Disarm: Lowers the success needed to use the “Disarm” Combat Maneuver to 1. (Boost)”

  • > Moved Visceral Shot and Two Pierce from Martial to Military

  • > Moved Break, Cripple, Crush from Martial to Military

  • Loaded Dice (Rephrase discipline)

  • < Change “Secretive” and “Mysterious” (Removed “Secretive” to add “Alert”)

  • < Changed “Double Strike” for the “Martial” Skill Branch to work with all forms of weapons and not just melee

  • < Changed “Properties” to “Effects” for Equipment list

  • > Mass Cast: Moved to Battle Magic Tier 4.

  • Awakened Dyahri can now learn exotic language, the Malni now learns two additional languages instead of one.

  • > Bang! Bang! Bang!: Changed to include that you can't gain edge when using this skill.

  • < Changed Whirlwind Kick: Attacks all enemy targets within touch range using your Dexterity + Acrobatics. This attack is considered unarmed. You must be able to move, to use this skill. (Action)

  • Mind Blast is changed from targeting the enemy target's Resolve, to targeting their Intelligence and now the effects wear off in 1 minute

  • < Changed Scout Traps (Improve wording), moved from Tier 2 to Tier 1.

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