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Every Little Thing That Is Magic

Thanks to this series I've started watching, I've been made aware just how important it is to discuss magic and where it fits into your world, or in this case, worlds.

What Is Magic?

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Magic can mean many things to many people. Otherworlds magic is commonly referred to as astral energy, or astral for short. You can think of astral as a type of mana. Astral is an ever-present force in nature that can be manipulated into supernatural affects. No one knows the true origin of this astral energy, but it seems to be strongest around ancient ruins.

How Does One Use Astral?

Astral is a force that many can feel, similar to feeling the sun's glow warm your skin. Astral feels clean and comforting. If a person is trained to wield it, the feeling becomes more prevalent, allowing the person to feel varying degrees of astral energy, and what kind of energy it is. Some are more sensitive to its presence, especially when near ancient catalysts, such as ruins or temples of ancients.

How Powerful Is Astral?

The power of astral is boundless. Astral has the power to change the temperature, amplify sound, control the wind, strike someone down with lightning, or travel through time and space.

How Rare Are Mages?

Depending on the world and location, mages vary. Where alien structures are prevalent, there will be those who are much more gifted naturally. Guilds are present in advanced societies to train mages. Depending on the ability of the mage, they can learn the fundamentals in about three years. Mastery, however, is never acquired, and the abilities of astral are ever-evolving.

What Does Astral Look Like?

Many channel astral through feeling and movement. This is known as somatic casting. Mages that use somatic spells will often control the elements, having essences of varying color conjure around them and project towards their desired target.

The other type of spell is verbal spells. Mages that use spells in this way channel their abilities through a powerful catalyst, such as a dark entity or celestial being that grants their power.

Ritual magic is slower, but by performing rituals, a mage can conserve their astral energy.

What's The Astral Stat?

In Otherworlds, you have an Astral stat. Astral is your character’s reserve of energy that they can tap into to manipulate the astral around them. Using astral energy takes a large amount of focus, and thus drains the user's astral by an amount dependent on how powerful the spell is.

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