The Otherworlds Spec Ops A-Team

After scouring through Geek & Sundry's page, I came across (this) page and I found it to be really interesting. One of my all time favorite things to do in LIFE is to create something, using the restrictions of a game system. No joke, I absolutely love it, don't judge me.

Well, for today, we're going to make our very own Spec Ops team in Otherworlds and honestly, this will fit incredibly easily, given that Otherworlds is incredibly flexible.

The U.S Army Green Berets are one of the most popular branches of the military. Like Geek & Sundry's article, we're going to base these roles off the real world A-Team and not their TV series counterparts.

Otherworlds Tabletop RPG - Roleplaying Game Military

Team Leader

This is the highest ranked and most experienced member of the team. The Team Leader is responsible for handling the mission accordingly.

An Otherworlds Team leader would likely be a few levels higher than the rest of their party, portraying their great experience. They should have a variety of proficiencies, making them the master of none, but good at everything. The “Strategist” archetype should be selected, focusing on the “Strategy,” skill branch. This will allow you to command your allies from anywhere, having them perform combat maneuvers with ease.


The Communications Soldier handles all aspects guessed it – communication for the team!

An Otherworlds Communications Soldier should choose the “Soldier” class, as well as the Dyahri or Human race, obtaining the appropriate bonus languages based on where you will be located.


The Otherworlds Engineer is a master at the construction of fortifications, as well as demolitions and improvised munitions. While it'd fit for you to choose the “Military” background, since the Engineer is an expert with demolitions, it'd make since for you to choose the “Demolitions Expert” under the “Worker” background. You should obtain the “Bounty” skill branch to get “Trap Craft,” which will allow to you to craft detonators among other nifty devices.

Otherworlds Tabletop RPG - Military 02 Roplaying


This soldiers advises the team and prepares them by briefing the team on all aspects of the mission.

In Otherworlds, being the Intelligence Soldier, you'd need to max out your Intelligence as quickly as possible. Also obtaining the Strategy skill branch like the Team Leader would make a lot of sense, as well as the Arcane skill branch. You should choose the Sage background, to acquire as many points in Lore and Technology as possible. Using the Arcane Skill branch to get very supportive abilities, and gain a proficiency using hacker's equipment.


The A-Team Medical soldier is the go-to healing expert of the group. They provide emergency medical care for their team.

The Medical soldier should go with the Combat Medic class archetype and level highly in the Medic skill branch.


The A-Team Weapons soldiers is the most skilled in the use of weapon of any and all types. A Raktii would be the best choice here, as they gain the most proficiencies bonuses and excel at several weapon types. Choosing a Soldier for your class is obvious. You should level heavily in the “Militant” skill branch. As the Weapons of the group, you should have several weapons, for several occasions. A shotgun, sniper rifle, and rocket launcher would be a good start, which should all be doable with your 1,000 GL bonus towards equipment, provided you choose the Military background for your character.

There are tons of ways you could spin this and have this done, but I just love challenging your thoughts on what can be done using the Otherworlds system. It's up to you to decide what type of characters you'd like to build.

Have you ever themed your game or character on the military? Let me know in the Comments!

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