Into The Black Tides Tuesdays: The Soul Eater

Hello, ghouls and gals, it’s week 3 of our Into the Black Tides Tuesdays! We’re quickly moving through September, and it’s hard to believe it’ll be October in just a matter of days. But that’s okay, because it means we’re even closer to Halloween!

This week, we’re bringing out the big guns and talking about the Soul Eater – that harbinger of horrors and devourer of dastardly devils. With the power to harvest fragments of the souls of your defeated enemies, you will be able to leech their skills and claim them as your own!

Otherworlds Tabletop RPG Avryn Reaper - Soul Eater

A Little Goes a Long Way

As a Soul Eater, you don’t have to consume an entire soul to gain its skills – although, if you’re feeling particularly hungry, don’t let me be the one to stop you. Go on, one more bite couldn’t hurt, could it? Well, as long as you don’t count the unholy transformation into a Horror that comes with it. Besides, I hear that souls are pretty light on calories, so dine to your heart’s content! It’s not like those lifeless corpses need them anyways.

Besides gaining skills, consuming souls has all sorts of other benefits, like a better complexion, a higher metabolism, and maybe you will even hear millions of voices screaming inside your head. Not to mention the job security that comes with everyone having a soul to harvest – it’s a pretty sweet gig, if we’re being honest.

Walk Tall and Carry a Big Scythe

Soul Eaters are also very proficient in wielding scythes. These sickle-shaped slaughter devices are the perfect accessory for any soul harvester and are guaranteed to strike fear into the hearts of any onlookers – just ask Grim!

FB Otherworlds Tabletop RPG Roleplaying Game Science Fantasy - Grim Banner.jpg

However, many young Soul Eaters feel that scythes are a little too old school, so we’ve introduced katanas as an excellent alternative. Plus they sport that hip new look that the youngsters love! Perhaps not as terror-inducing as a good old-fashioned scythe, but the katana more than makes up for that with its concealability and lightweight design.

I’ve Got 99 Souls and a Witch Ain’t One

Perhaps the nicest part about being a Soul Eater isn't the low calorie intake, or even the scythe (or katana if you swing that way), it's the fact that you get to learn the abilities of the monsters you defeat in battle... and despite what the title says, a witch can be one too! 

This will lead to all Soul Eaters learning different abilities based on which monsters they kill during their adventures. Talk about some tricks and treats! 

Well, I'm Full! 

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Edited by Abby Edwards

Vincent Baker

Hello! The name is Vincent Baker and I'm a game designer. I love video games, but my heart is in tabletop games .I've created Otherworlds and Spellslingers.

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