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I've noticed now more than ever, folks from all around the multiverse are wishing to create their own Otherworlds content, yet need some help being pulled in the right direction!

That's where I introduce the new series, "World Master's Guide Tools," to help you on your journey of creating the best d@*% content that this world has ever seen!

So first up in this series, are "The Rules of Otherworlds." Sounds boring right? Yeah, I don't blame you for thinking that. Rules for any story are highly important however, it's what makes the universe feel coherent, it's what keeps Harry Potter from shooting an AK at his enemies, or having Levi from Attack on Titan casting spells, as fun as those things may be, the universe they are in demands certain rules to make the universe work.

So what's the rules of Otherworlds you may ask? 

The Rules of Otherworlds

1. No Earth: Earth is not known / doesn’t exist. You can make references to the real world, but you can’t directly name locations, or events that have taken place in the real world. I.e George Washington, The Civil War, etc.

2. Gods: There is not a pantheon of gods: There is a celestial plane of angels, a nether plane of demons, and an astral plane of spirits, but there is no pantheon of gods. This is to not say that a creator or pantheon does not exist within the universe, its just saying that it’s beyond the realms of the universe of Otherworlds. Alternatives can be powerful entities that can shape the very worlds they live on or ancient aliens with technology so powerful it’s not comparable to what any world has ever seen.

3. Mostly Fantasy / Some Sci-Fi: Every world must be a fantasy world, learning to adapt to technology. Guns and melee make up the identity of the world, but each world will adapt differently. This is not to say that each world has to have the same level of technology. This is just to say that there must be technology on every world (even if slight). It’s also important to note the reason why a world has the technology that they have. Perhaps their civilization used to be highly advanced, until most of it were wiped out? Or perhaps an alien visited their world, bearing strange magical gifts?

4. Artwork: Otherworlds uses a bright, bold, semi-realistic, semi-cartoon inspired illustrations to display its gameplay. While, certainly more polarizing than traditional realistic painting styles, Otherworlds seeks to break the mold in the Tabletop Gaming Industry, and not use cliche styles used elsewhere.

5. Mix and Match: Otherworlds isn’t about the tired tropes of fantasy or sci-fi opera. Think of ways to mix genres, break boundaries, do something a bit different.

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