Into The Black Tides Tuesdays: Notable Characters

Alright, listen up. Usually Trey has been in the spotlight for these articles from week to week and we have been working together to establish a certain "fun" and "light hearted" tone. This week, we're doing something different. 1.) It's me (Vincent) and 2.) We're giving you straight by-the-book descriptions of some of the notable NPCs that inhabit Into The Black Tides

Captain Vayne

“Alright men, if you’ve got an ounce of courage in you, then it’s time to raise your sword and aim your guns. Let today be remembered, not as you were yesterday, but as you fought on this day!”

The daughter of the vile Captain Blackheart, Vayne was forced to live under the floorboards of her father’s ship most of her life. Forced to undergo terrible things, Vayne struggled. That is until, her brother Vexes returned from King Ravnos’ command. Once he found out about his little sister, he went on his own orders and commanded his troops to kill Blackheart and his men. It was a bloody conflict, but Vexes and his sister Vayne managed to make it out alive.

Sister to the new King Vexes. Vayne not caring much for her brother’s spotlight had decided to go her own way and set sail to the Black Sea, leading his troop to capture Buffbeard, Dr. Stein, and to discover what strange happenings are occuring from the recent rift that has opened in the black tides.

Dainys, the One Who Slithers

“Only by admitting what we are, can we ever get what we want.”

A popular man of the Serpent Isles, Dainys is the one that handles the primary dealings of the Yellow Blades. He’s also one of the wealthiest men on Transel, and despite being hated by nearly all, he is incredibly convincing.

Dainys has an uncanny knack for understanding people, their motivations, and convincing them how his reputation, people, and vast amounts of money can be of use.

Havos Morgur “Ragewolf”

“I care not for where you’ve come from. What binds us is the gene we all share.”

Named after his unparalleled rage, Havos is the leader of the One Moon Tribe. A tribe of werefolk covering all walks of life and accepting to any new humans that wish to surrender themselves to lykanthropy and take a knee to serving Havos.

While Havos is hot headed, he’s also fearless and respects his fellow werefolk above all else.

He and his loyal tribesmen do not see Vexes as the true king and seek to dethrone him.

“He’s not loyal to his people, why would he be loyal to ours.” -Rage Wolf speaking to Vexes, the Blood King.

Jormund Kirsley

A varothan blacksmith by trade, Jormund quickly made a name for himself and became the king Ravnos’ personal armorer. Jormund was in charge of not only equipping the king, but all of his elites as well.

Things were great for Jormund for many months until Jormund was caught making weapons for someone other than the king. The king would not have it, so he sentenced Jormund to be part of the lykanthropy experimentations led by Dr. Stein. The experimentations were painful, and bloody. A varothan’s genes had never been able to mix with a werefolks. Jormund however, managed to be the first. 

After his success, Jormund remained locked up until he found a way to escape during the Blood Rebellion.

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