Play As The Heroes From Infinity War!

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You must love Marvel! Good news! I do too!

Here's a quick tribute to our love of Marvel, and how you can play as your favorite heroes, using the Otherworlds Character Creation Guide! 

Thor Infinity War - Otherworlds RPG


We're going to start with Thor, because he's the coolest Avenger. I mean, have you seen him?!
Primary Attributes: Strength, Toughness, Resolve
Lowest Attribute: Intelligence (Thor isn't dumb, but it's not his strongest asset.)
Skill Tree: Elemental, Endurance, War
Equipment: Mjolnir (Large Hammer) 12/--/1 +2d6 shock damage to all shock damage you deal. +Return (Free of action you may return this weapon back to your hand. It makes a free attack on all targets on the way back.) 

Stormbreaker could be an upgrade Thor gets throughout the story, granting him double damage to his attacks with Stormbreaker and his lightning! 

Having the Elemental skill branch, Thor will be able to summon and use lightning to electrocute his opponents! While Endurance and War will make him a formidable and tough melee warrior in battle.

Iron Man Infinity War - Otherworlds RPG

Iron Man

Next up is Iron Man, because well, he's pretty cool too! 
Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Resolve, Dexterity
Lowest Attribute: Wisdom (Iron Man is smart, but that has led him to making many mistakes, such as Ultron.)
Skill Tree: Avarice, Military, Tech
Equipment: Bleeding Edge (Light) Armor: 6 Flight: 12 +All of your weapons deal 100% Energy Damage. Defending targets lose immunity and resistance to energy damage. 

Iron Man is interesting. He'll have Tech give him benefits to his aerial combat, where as Avarice will give him the ability to his use his influence benefit him and his team in combat. While, Military will give him some nice combat enhancements! 

Spider-Man Infinity War - Otherworlds RPG


Everyone is so sad... I mean, we won't talk about that. I love Spider-Man. You love Spider-Man too right?! Awesome! Well, you will be able to play him!
Primary Attributes: Dexterity, Strength, Intelligence
Lowest Attribute: Resolve (This is tough. Spider-Man is incredibly Tough and he seems wise enough. I mean, he has freakin' spider senses! So, we're going with Resolve.)
Skill Tree: Brawl, Deception, Tech
Equipment: Web Shooters: 5/10/10 +Shoots a string of webs at a target. If that target is an enemy, the defending target must make a Dexterity (Acrobatics) check vs your Intelligence
+ TL. If they fail, they are entangled in the web, becoming immobilized. At the start
of each of their turns, they may attempt to break out by making a successful Strength (Athletics) check. This weapon deals no damage. If this weapon targets a non enemy, then it becomes attached, allowing the user to move an additional 100 feet. 

Having Brawl, Spider-Man can duke it out, without needing weapons. Deception will allow him to be quick-witted and fast on his feet, whilst Tech will fit his smarts. 

Avengers Infinity War - Create the Character - Otherworlds RPG

So, Did I Miss Your Favorite Hero?

Fun fact, this is actually my second time writing this article. The first time I wrote it, everything was sucked into the butthole of the internet void. 

But don't fret! Let me know who I missed, who you'd like to see in an upcoming Create the Character, or if you would like me to go more in depth on any of these three heroes! 

As always, thanks for reading! 

Stay Awesome!
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