Grimdark Adventures Announcement

In honor of October and Halloween, we here at Vindicated Entertainment have put together a good old-fashioned treat (or trick) for you and your fellow role-players! This is our Grimdark Adventures module for the Otherworlds system, which also happens to be compatible with other systems that you and your friends might be familiar with!

What Is Grimdark?

Good question, fellow tabletop enthusiasts! Grimdark is a genre that embodies pain and an unrelenting nature to give you the most challenging experience when playing. We’re talking about quick, gruesome deaths that will befall each and every one of your characters. Awareness is a must, and even then, survival is never guaranteed.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, then mark your calendars for October 24th, so that you can start your own Otherworlds Grimdark Adventure! What are you waiting for?! YODOAOA (You’ll Only Die Over And Over Again).

Illustrated by Henriette Boldt

Illustrated by Henriette Boldt

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

For the Grimdark module, you’ll definitely want to bring some friends along with you. Not that they’re going to be of much help with the grisly horrors you’re sure to face, but it’s always better to die alongside your friends, rather than in cold, dark loneliness.

Besides, the more folks that unwillingly tag along, the tougher the adventure gets! Those diabolical demons that wanted to kill you before? Now they want to extra kill you and your entire party! Isn’t adventuring fun? No, no it’s not. Turn around now. You’ve been warned.

Running out of Options

You know all of those things that you’ve gotten used to when playing Otherworlds? You know, abundant ammo, items galore and not having to worry about bleeding out? Those are now things of the much-less-gruesome past! We can’t have you running around blasting the heads off all our shiny new creatures and getting away with it.

So, with Grimdark Adventures comes a few rule modifications. We’re talking automatically bleeding when your health hits a certain percent, making a death check as soon as your health hits 0, and a medley of other sinister tweaks to ensure you’re having the toughest Otherworlds experience yet! You’re sure to scream in delight – or agony. Whichever you prefer.

Sleep With One Eye Open

Go ahead, grip your pillow tight. It’s not going to do you any good – not here anyways. Now, with every rest you take, we’ve included a menacing table for the World Master. All they have to do is roll a die and the result determines what horrible things happen to your group! Yep! We’ve included everything from vast hordes of blood-starved baddies and assassins, to even… a good night’s rest. It makes me shudder just thinking about it.

Save the Date!

So with all of this being said, when are we planning on releasing this maniacal module to the public? In case you missed it, the Grimdark module will be available next Tuesday, October 24th – just in time for Halloween! So, make sure when you’re throwing together last minute plans for Halloween night, you invite as many victims – excuse me, friends – over as you can to torture them with an Otherworlds Grimdark adventure! They’re sure to never forgive you.

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