Into The Black Tides Tuesdays: Duelist

Good evening, my frightening phantasms, and welcome to week 11 of our Into the Black Tides Tuesdays! We're shaking out our bones from a fantastic weekend at Big Fandom Greenville, and now it's time to bring you more Into the Black Tides goodies.

This week, we're going to be diving even deeper into the pirates of Otherworlds. Quicker than greased lightning, and lighter than a hippogriff feather, the duelists are some of the best close and personal fighters that dare to call the high seas home.

Duel Threat

If you ever find yourself face to face with a duelist, you better have a backup plan ready because running is just about your only hope. That is, unless you're a duelist yourself. Then you may stand a chance. Duelists pride themselves on lightning quick reflexes and deadly accuracy. Which means they don't have a problem killing you quickly, and they won't have to come back to finish the job. Not even a gun will save you from them. Like they say, never bring a gun to a duelist fight – or something like that.

As you can imagine, duelists are also rather adept when it comes to dual-wielding weapons, with their combination of choice being a sword in one hand and a small ranged weapon in the other. This allows them to be deadly in both short and medium-ranged combat – so, you know... maybe run fast. Faster than that. Faster. Nope, not fast enough. But at least you tried, and that's all we really ask for.

Vayne Illustrated by Hannidiot

Vayne Illustrated by Hannidiot

C-C-C-Combo Breaker

Being wicked fast, does come with its benefits – like counter attacking your opponents any time they try to hurt you. This, in turn, keeps them on their guard rather than on the offensive; and as everyone knows, an opponent that's afraid to hit you in fear of being struck down themselves, is an easy opponent, indeed! It also lengthens your life, because hitting your opponent more than they're hitting you is a guaranteed secret to a longer life.

Duelists excel in one-on-one combat, because their speed and attention to detail allows them to swiftly dance around their opponent. That's not to say that they're terrible when multiple enemies are involved, just that they're slightly better in one-on-one scenarios. Especially with abilities like “You Against Me” which forces defending opponent to focus solely on you while the other lugheads try and deal with your friends. Who said you can't pick and choose your fights?

Lights Out

Well, that's all the time we have for this week's Into the Black Tides Tuesdays! But, of course, we'll be back at the same time next week with more Into the Black Tides content! But, if you can't wait, just remember - we're friends now, so it's okay for you to call me from time to time. It gets lonely during the late nights in the writer's room with only my typewriter and the werecat scratching at the break room door.

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