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I'm SO excited to premiere my new series known as "Create The Character," where I take your favorite characters in pop culture and create them using the streamlined and vast character creation system of Otherworlds!

Today, we're showing Guardians of the Galaxy some love, by showing you how to make Rocket in Otherworlds!

Create The Character - Rocket Otherworlds Tabletop RPG

Rocket is predominately known for his snarky remarks, and guns...lots and lots of guns! Rocket, for being such a small creature, packs quite the punch with tons of weapons! I couldn't help but think that Guardians of the Galaxy would fit so well within the Otherworlds game system, so I felt compelled to start here.

Where's The Raccoons? 

Truth be told, there's no raccoons in Otherworlds, but there are small furry creatures named, "felinx." Also, in Otherworlds, each race, has various subraces. For Rocket, I chose the desert fox subrace. This gives him the Dexterity and proficiency bonuses he needs.

Stat It Up

With Rocket, he needs to be strong enough to dish out heavy damage with his launchers, while still maintaining an above average Dexterity, Intelligence, and Wisdom. This led him to being a fairly balanced character using the standard attribute point spread using the numbers (1,2,3,4,5, and 6). 

What's He Good At?

Proficiencies are important and define what your character is good at. For Rocket, he's proficient with Engineering, Investigation, Perception, Technology, Combat Rifles, Hand Cannons, and of course...Rocket Launchers!

This will allow him to fix machinery, discover, use his animal senses, build new technology, and use a tons of weapons!

We Got Skillz

Rocket is seen as a bounty hunter, building traps, repairing broken machinery, crating bombs and more! This leads me to believe that having his Skill Tree made of "Capture, Heavy, and Tech." Demolitions Expert as a background, is also very fitting.

It could be argued that Rocket could benefit from leveling up in the "Deception" branch. He could learn skills such as, "Mockery," and "Free Runner," to show more off more of his attitude and agility. However, he's already got so much going on, that focused this Rocket on his tech, traps, and weaponry.

Also, his snark can come from his, "Provoke" skill!

So without further ado, here's how Rocket's character looks in Otherworlds!  


Race: Felix (Desert Fox) Class: Tank - Bounty Hunter Background: Demolitions Expert Level: 7

Health: 24
Attack: 10+2d6 (Rocket Launcher), 12 (Combat Rifle) 
Defense: 4 +Evade Armor: 2 (Light Armor)
Speed: 5 Astral: 6 Discipline: 2

Strength: 5 Dexterity: 6 Toughness: 1
Intelligence: 6 Wisdom: 4 Resolve: 3

Destiny: Greed
Conviction: Reckless
Connection: Friendships
Secret: Seeks Family

Skill Proficiencices: +2 Engineering, +1 Investigation, +1 Perception, +1 Survival, +1 Technology Languages: Common, FelinEquipment Proficiencies: Combat Rifles, Hand Cannons, Rocket Launchers
Equipment: Rocket Launcher, Combat Rifle, Hand Cannon, Pick Axe, Detonators (2)

Skill Tree: Bounty, Heavy, Tech
Race Skills: Nimble, Dark Vision, Combat Tail, Collector, Swift Claw
Background Skill: Demolitions Expert (The perfect background for our beloved Rocket!)

Class Leveling
1: Capture (We're introduced to Rocket as him and Groot being bounty hunters, trying to catch Starlord.)
2: Provoke (Goes perfect with his insults!)
3: Get Some! (Goes hand in hand with "Provoke.")
4: Prime Target
5: Incapacitate
6: Get Some More!
7: Weapon Mastery
--- (Below is how I'd suggest leveling the character past level 7)
8: Trap Craft
9: Salvage Trap
10: Bounty
11: Predetermined Plan
12: Bulletproof
13: Boom BOOM!
14: Detonate
15: Set it Off!
16: Explosive Resistance
17: Lock-On
18: Vivacious
19: Stun Gunner
20: Critical Thinking

Rocket Raccoon - Otherworlds Tabletop RPG Science Fantasy Guardians of the Galaxy

So, what did you think?! Would you like me to input more information, or less information? I'd love to hear your feedback and to know what characters you would like to see built in Otherworlds!

Want to make your own characters? Check out the Character Creation Guide Beta here!

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