Into The Black Tides Tuesdays

It's September, and you know what that means! It's time to start celebrating Halloween! Oh, you haven't started celebrating yet? Well what the hell are you doing? I don't believe in waiting for October, let's do this now!

Halloween - Otherworlds Into The Black Tides Skeletons

So, are you on board with me? Awesome, here's how we're going to celebrate: Every Tuesday at 7:00 pm (EST) from now until the end of the year, we're going to be celebrating with what we like to call “Into The Black Tides Tuesdays.”

On Into The Black Tides Tuesdays, we're going to break down something wickedly awesome from Into The Black Tides to share with you! This could be anything from ghoulish spirits, to ravenous werefolk, to valiant blood knights that have a man they beheaded as their profile picture.

Don't know what Into The Black Tides is? Have no fear, a link is right here!
Catch you on Tuesday!


Vincent Baker

Hello! The name is Vincent Baker and I'm a game designer. I love video games, but my heart is in tabletop games .I've created Otherworlds and Spellslingers.

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