Best Moments With: Abby

Today for our Best Moments I bring you the one and only Abigail Edwards! For those that don't know, Abby is my lovely girlfriend and thank goodness, that she enjoys Otherworlds the way she does. 

Since she is such a huge fan of Otherworlds after giving it a try, I knew she HAD to be included in this series, so this is what she had to say....

Otherworlds Tabletop RPG - Abby Edwards

Name: Abby Edwards
Introduce Yourself: I super duper love artsy stuff, animals, and World Market. Also my hair is purple!
Favorite Race: Raktii
Favorite Class: Seraph
Best Moment: My team met this precious kid with a precious cyborg dog, but it kept sparking like something was wrong... and I fixed the dog. Like I spent a Discipline to fix this dog. He's okay now :')
Why Is Otherworlds Is Your Favorite Game? I am by no means a tabletop RPG master. That being said, I actually feel like I can grasp the rules and concepts of Otherworlds, which means I can focus on having fun! There's also a lottt of customization (without it being too much) which is pretty darn cool.

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Starting Guide
Character Creation
Bonus Adventure 

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Hello! The name is Vincent Baker and I'm a game designer. I love video games, but my heart is in tabletop games .I've created Otherworlds and Spellslingers.

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