Into The Black Tides Tuesdays: Backgrounds

Let's Get Back To It! 

Good evening, my whimsical warlocks, and welcome to another edition of our Into the Black Tides Tuesdays! It's week 13, and boy, does time sure fly. It seems like just yesterday we were kicking things off with our first edition. I guess time does fly when you're having fun – or messing around with time and space. You know, whichever tickles your fancy.

This week we're going to be talking about backgrounds. No, not the ones that you plaster across your desktop screen. We're talking about the how, when, where, and why that makes up the story of your character. These backgrounds, of course, come with their own proficiencies and benefits, so choose carefully.

Lie Ability

Criminal, Street Rat, Vandal... you can spin it however you want, but the fact remains that these are some of the craftiest citizens to call the streets home. These sweet talking, stealth walking, and crowbar swinging ruffians live a life outside of the law. They've acquired a diverse skill set that allows them to swindle, lie, and cheat their way out of even the most dire of situations. Not only that, but they always manage to swing the odds in their favor. Besides, there's no one to blame if you're never seen at the scene of the crime.

A Dam Sham

Ah, the Charlatan, the fraud with a friendly smile and a charming personality; able to talk a man out of house and home, all with the guise that it's going to be mutually beneficial. But it's not. It never is. The Charlatan always deals in affairs that only benefits themselves, and there's never a moment that he isn't thinking of a contingency plan in case things go south – which they inevitably do once the other party realizes they've been screwed. But, with more aliases than cards in a standard deck of playing cards, giving someone the slip isn't exactly hard. Especially when you can read them like an open book, so your timing is always perfect.

Maul and Order

When the unending depths of darkness begin creeping across Transel, the Inquisitor stands strong as the ever vigilant light of the church, ready to maul the hell out of it and force it back into the void from whence it came. Plus, all of the authority that comes with working for the church certainly has its benefits. You're able to arrest and, in certain cases, even carry out sentences within the lands of Transel. Just don't get too carried away, or you may find yourself on the business end of a fellow Inquisitor, and I hear that doesn't tend to end very well.

Back To Reality

That'll put a wrap on this week's edition of Into the Black Tides Tuesdays! I hope you came with an empty noggin, and a sponge to absorb all of that information. There are plenty of other backgrounds included in the core book, but to fit them, I'd be writing until my hands bled and you'd be reading until your eyes dissolved into a thick gooey liquid. Which, isn't necessarily a bad thing, I suppose.

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Vincent Baker

Hello! The name is Vincent Baker and I'm a game designer. I love video games, but my heart is in tabletop games .I've created Otherworlds and Spellslingers.

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