Into The Black Tides Tuesdays: Werefolk

Good evening, my banished banshees, and welcome to week seven of our Into the Black Tides Tuesdays! Let me tell you, this one has been clawing at the break room door since we started this all those weeks ago.

Now it’s finally time to let that werecat out of the break room (as they say) and talk about Werefolk – the cuddly and scruffy half-human, half-creature hybrids that roam the world of Transel! Just don’t forget to get them litter box trained. They sure can make a hell of a mess.

There’s a Bad Moon Risin’

A common misconception among those outside of the werefolk community is that this race is made up entirely of werewolves, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Werefolk come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from werecats to werellamas, plus everything in between. Such being said, when it comes to deciding exactly what kind of werefolk you want to play, the options are nearly* limitless!

Fun fact: Werellamas spit blistering venom that blinds and intoxicates approaching predators. Varothan actually use this venom in a specialty brew called “Sanguine Sunset,” reserved only for the most special occasions… like death!

Not only are there different types of werefolk, but their transformation triggers differ from wereperson to wereperson. Some may transform on the night of a full moon, while others may have more unorthodox triggers, like sneezes or unopened doors. Just saying, if you thought your allergies were rough, just imagine turning into a half-teapot half-human hybrid every time you got the sniffles.

*Worldmasters reserve the right to deny any and all absurd requests from players in regards to werefolk combinations, including but not limited to: fire extinguishers, post-it notes, chainsaws, wall outlets, frozen custard, and that slight ringing you get in your ears after a particularly loud bang.

Illustrated by Viviengros

Illustrated by Viviengros

(Were)Cat-scratch Fever

Just like there are different triggers for transformations, there are also different ways to become a part of the greater werefolk community. These include anything from scratches and bites, to sipping from the wrong cup on the third Sunday of the month while listening to Pink Floyd for the hundredth time. The most commonly accepted way, however, is through a ritual performed by the grand werefolk shamans. It tends to have the least amount of life-threatening side effects. Well, usually.

The ritual is a simple process, being that all you need is yourself and something from whatever it is you want to transform into. The shaman guides you into a deep trance, then picks up the piece of whatever you brought along and channels astral through it. Then, the astral charged shard is forced through your chest and merged with your soul! It’s much less painful than it sounds... really.

Don’t fret, though, because once you decide on your combination through the character creation process, you get to skip over that messy bit – unless you just really want your Worldmaster to include that part in the story, in which case that’s totally fine with us.

The Twin Moons Fall So The Black Sun May Rise

It looks like that’s all the time we have for this week’s Into the Black Tides Tuesdays, but we’ll be back next week with more great Into the Black Tides knowledge! That is, right after we feed Chico, the werecat that’s made his home in our break room. Which reminds me, does anyone have a 300 pound bag of cat food they’re willing to part with? Chico keeps taking playful nips at my leg, so I think he may be hungry.

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One last thing before we leave: what is your craziest werefolk combination, and what would be your ideal combination? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook!

Until next time, my Franken-friends,


(Check out Viviengros' other artwork here.)

Edited by Abby Edwards

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