The Art of Otherworlds: Beyond Imagination Release Trailer

The Art of Otherworlds: Beyond Imagination Release Trailer

Discover the warmth of Zepitan's six suns, or the dangers that lie in wait behind the mechanical contraptions made for destruction. All of this in more showcasing exquisite art and design to spark that imagination of yours!

Best Moments With: Blair

Next up for our Best Moments series is Blair, whose a recent friend I've made through my otherworldly adventures with Lance. Blair enjoys playing her newly developing reaper of the same name, who has the ability to pretty much mow down any enemy she faces.

She has grown to like Otherworlds a lot, so she's been included to our series! 

Otherworlds Tabletop Roleplaying Game - Blair

Name: Blair

Favorite Race: Varothan

Favorite Class: Reaper

Best Moment: There's too many to choose from!

Why is Otherworlds Your Favorite Game? Otherworlds is my favorite game because no matter how hard life gets sometimes, I always know I have Otherworlds to make it a little better. I also like the options I have. I can be a reaper, assassin, and a pirate!

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