Welcome! I'm Vincent Baker

My goal is to deliver a one-of-a-kind gaming experience to you. Otherworlds was created out of my need to have a tabletop game that focused on fantasy adventures with technology thrown into the mix. 

There are some games to do this, or others with a system that tries to be "one size fits all," but they weren't simple enough systems, or on the opposite side of the spectrum, lacked substance. 

Otherworlds changes that in favor for something that's easier to play, quicker to play, and gives you more options for both narrative and combat.

"I really like how the critical success mechanic can turn the game into something so much more, really bringing the story to an all new level." -Jinx of 3-Sided Die 

 The gentlemen messing with his glasses was crying so hard he had to take them off and readjust, a common "problem" players must face at my games.

The gentlemen messing with his glasses was crying so hard he had to take them off and readjust, a common "problem" players must face at my games.

I help create a unique experience for those looking to go somewhere greater. Both figuratively and literally. Otherworlds is full of fantastical worlds, filled with rich lore and characters.

We want you to join our community, hang out with us, talk with us, and eat with us...everyone enjoys eating right? :D

Our community is very strong. We have avid supporters of Otherworlds that have graciously helped with projects such as this live action video below. All made with no budget, just tons of love. 

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Professional Bio

Vincent Baker is an independent game designer whose passion is to bring fantastical stories to life through cardboard, dice, pen, and paper. He believes tabletop games are a fantastic way to forge new friendships and experiences.

Vincent started his own company, Vindicated Entertainment LLC, in 2012. He has since published eight products, along with video and written content, and collaborated with dozens of companies and freelancers around the world. His two biggest games are Otherworlds, a future-fantasy roleplaying game with a focus on a streamlined d6 system, which offers quick combat and more player agency over characters; and Spellslingers, a fast-paced card game designed to be the perfect game for veteran gamers to play with casual gamers.

Vincent was nominated Student Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011 by YES Carolina, and in 2016 was made a representative of Anderson's lead entrepreneurship program. He's earned several awards dedicated to his time spent educating youth in business, as well as for his writing. 

With a lot of attention, love, and passion, Vincent has crafted games that many continue to enjoy. 

“It was a privilege to introduce and listen to Vincent Baker speak at the March 14, 2016, meeting of City Council about his experiences as a student and now graduate of our e-Spark Entrepreneurial Boot Camp Session II.  Vincent is a young aspiring entrepreneur with the passion and drive it takes to succeed as a small business owner and we were honored to have him in our program.  We look forward to seeing great things from him and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

-Glenn Breed, Economic Development Director, City of Anderson

You were everything our students needed to see from a guest speaker – engaging, entertaining, and relevant.  I think most of them have now signed up for your newsletter and can’t wait to follow you to your next event.”

– Aimee Gray, CATE Instructor

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