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Hiya! I'm Vincent Baker

I’m the founder of Vindicated Entertainment - a multimedia company that designs games and nerd related content to inspire your gaming spirit!

I’ve designed Otherworlds, a science fantasy tabletop roleplaying game, focused on streamlined gameplay, tactical and fast combat, and dynamic character choices.

Spellslingers, a fast paced card game, where you only need one deck of cards to play up to ten people.

And last but not least is Legendaria, a hybrid messenger game that combines elements of tabletop roleplaying and secret information (think mafia or werewolf).

If you would like to stay up to date, learn more, and get exclusives, then become a vscriber (it’s free!).

It All Started When…

I was really little. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved games, art, and writing. My sister and I would play games like Super Mario Bros. and I wanted to become more immersed in those worlds with her and my friends. I’ve found that making my own board games and card games allowed me to see other areas of those worlds and really explore them!

Then when I was older, I got into trading cards.

I stumbled upon my dads old stash of cards and the artwork just completely blew me away! I was so in love with the stories I created in my head about them and also found myself in love with the strategic components of playing card games as well. My dad raised me on Final Fantasy 7 and Tactics, as well as other roleplaying games, so of course I became a fan of strategy. :P

Fast forward to my senior year of high school and my teacher asked me what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I honestly didn’t care at that moment. I just wanted to hangout with friends and play video games.

But as she pushed me more on it, it got me really thinking. I don’t want to work the average life. I completely respect those that do. It’s just not for me.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve felt my soul buried under the weight of what the world wanted me to be, what it tries to tell me I have to be. But I’m unrelenting in my pursuit.

My dream is to make a living doing what God put me on this earth to do, which is to create compelling games like nothing you’ve experienced before!

Since my journey, I’ve managed to accomplish many things…
• Hosted over 400 gaming events
• Raised nearly $10,000 in crowdfunding
• Released 11 gaming products since 2016
• Been an honored guest at over a dozen events
• Represented Anderson’s lead entrepreneurship program
• Nominated as Student Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 by YES Carolina

I’ve been blessed to make it this far and I can’t wait to live each and every day with purpose! If you haven’t yet, join me on my journey.

Stay Awesome!

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